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Whether you seek freelancers, part-time or full-time MLOps professionals, or comprehensive project management solutions in the field of MLOps, Eventum empowers your team to swiftly develop cutting-edge technology, even with limited resources.

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Why hire for MLOps with Eventum?

Hiring MLOps specialists through traditional means can be a burdensome, expensive, and time-consuming process. The challenge is further exacerbated by the substantial demand for skilled experts in the MLOps field, making it even more difficult to find individuals who not only possess the necessary expertise but also align well with your company's culture.

With our streamlined approach, you can efficiently and promptly connect with exceptional MLOps talent drawn from a carefully curated and rigorously vetted network of engineers, researchers, and data scientists specialized in MLOps. Within days, you can tap into this elite top 1% talent pool.

3.4 days
Average time to place top MLOps talent
Hire 1 - 10+ team members at a fraction of the price
56 hours
Average time saved by our clients on the hiring process per developer

Recruit Top MLOps Experts on Your Terms

Our mission is to help you discover the ideal match for your MLOps hiring needs from our meticulously vetted network of experts in the field. Our network encompasses a diverse pool of talent, ranging from Junior Developers to Senior Developers, PhDs, and Kaggle Grandmasters.

These professionals hold esteemed degrees from reputable institutions and have acquired valuable experience at dynamic startups and well-known tech companies. Whether you require the recruitment of a single engineer or the formation of an entire team, we have the expertise to effectively train and manage them.

Hire MLOps Specialists in a blink of an eye!

  • Looking for a MLOps expert? Within a mere 48 hours, we will establish a connection between you and a diverse group of MLOps professionals in the field of computer vision. This includes engineers, developers, product managers, team leads, project managers, researchers, and scientists specializing in computer vision.
  • Build up your MLOps team - Tell us about the team members you require to expedite your project's advancement in the realm of MLOps for computer vision. Whether you need juniors, seniors, managers, or interim heads of computer vision, we are here to provide support and assistance.
  • Bootstrapped for resources or recently funded? You won't discover more competitive rates in the market for MLOps services in computer vision engineering. Our clients typically achieve savings of up to 40% when hiring their computer vision talent through us.

Customized, adaptable engagements crafted to meet your project's specific tasks

  • Looking for a permanent hire or extra help? Within our pool of professional freelancers and specialists in MLOps for computer vision engineering, you have the freedom to hire an expert on a full-time, part-time, project-based, or hourly basis.
  • Remote team augmentation for your timezone - Whether you favour remote specialists in your time zone or on-site team members, we will connect you with skilled individuals who can offer the precise support your team requires at critical moments.

Discover the most skilled MLOps experts in the industry.

We offer you the opportunity to hire exceptional MLOps professionals in computer vision engineering from our extensive global network, all at a significantly reduced cost. With our assistance, you can find the perfect match from our carefully vetted network of experts in computer vision. Our network includes individuals with MSc and PhD degrees in computer vision, champions of national math and physics Olympiads, and Kaggle Grandmasters. Whether you need the expertise of a single specialist or an entire team of experts, we have you covered.

Our exclusive talent pool consists of over 7,500+ MLOps engineers, researchers, advisors, and managers. They have received education from renowned institutions worldwide and have previously contributed their skills to top-tier tech companies such as Google, Amazon, Tesla, and Microsoft.

Polina        ML Engineer
Experience: 5 years
Machine Learning Research Engineer with a master degree in math and computer science, and 5 years working at both a large tech company, Huwei, and a fast growing startup, plailabs.com. Plailabs was started by the founders of MySpace, and she is  building a consumer app based on Stable Diffusion that is going viral.
Expert in:
Computer vision, Stable Diffusion, Generative AI
Also worked with:
Video, Google Cloud
Alex        MLOps Engineer
Experience: 8 years
Computer Vision and MLOps Engineer with more than 7 years of experience in software development. Wide experience in designing and implementing ML models, complex Data Pipelines and Data ingestion scenarios. Strong background in algorithms and data structures, mathematics, statistics and data analysis with special emphasis on image/video processing. Great at keeping cloud costs low and ML teams productive.
Expert in:
MLOps, Computer vision, Team Lead
Also worked with:
AWS, Google Cloud, Kubernetes
Dmitry      ML Engineer
Experience: 3 years
Gold Medal at International Physics Olympiad. Graduated from one of Russia’s top universities, MIPT. Worked on rebuilding DeepCell's (Raised >$70M) computer vision pipeline for identifying cell types in a cell sorting microfluidics machine. Worked on a small AI super team building an AI quant system from the ground up.
Expert in:
Computer vision, Quantitative Finance, Self-Supervised Learning
Also worked with:
pytorch_lightning, convex optimization, hydra, tree ensembles
Sergey       MLOps Engineer
Experience: 8 years
Sergey is a hands-on Machine Learning Engineering Manager with a lot of experience in production software engineering. Loves to work with challenging cross-functional projects. He has 7+ years of professional experience in different areas of machine learning usage: recommendations, logistics, audio/video processing, and applied chatbots
Expert in:
MLOps, Kubernetes, ETL, Team Lead, Chatbots, RecSys, Audio
Also worked with:
Data Engineering, Cloud
David       NLP Researcher
Education: PhD
David’s research efforts in neuroscience and deep learning have spanned over a decade, and include 11 publications and multiple blog posts (https://medium.com/@dwbressler). In all, his research has been cited more than 500 times in scientific literature. David has been working with production LLMs for over 3 years.
Expert in:
NLP, Computer Vision, LLM Fine-tuning, LoRa, RLHF
Also worked with:
Neuroscience, ChatGPT, Claude
Emil      ML Engineer
Experience: 4 years
Emil is a very strong ML engineer and researcher who specializes in computer vision. He is able to train neural networks from scratch, reproduce papers, come up with novel research ideas, and do all of the end-to-end engineering for a production system. An absolute workhorse who is on his way to do big things.
Expert in:
Computer vision, Stable Diffusion, MLOps
Also worked with:
AWS, google cloud, Generative AI
Stanislav   ML Engineer
Experience: 4 years
Passionate machine learning engineer with deep experience in audio- and image-based machine learning algorithms. His main expertise is developing ML algorithms from scratch, including problem research, data collection, development, and production deployments. He has experience in startup building and managing a group of people.
Expert in:
Speech, Audio, Voice cloning, Voice enhancement, TTS
Also worked with:
AWS, Docker
Danil       ML Engineer
Experience: 6 years
A rare breed of AI + Blockchain expert. Has experience ranging from building his own startup to utilizing homomorphic encryption to make encryption work with neural networks. Won the international math olympiad gold prize!
Expert in:
Computer vision, Blockchain, Stable Diffusion
Also worked with:
NLP, Generative AI

Hire Talent based on Skills

ML TheoryML PracticeMLOpsSoftware Eng.Full StackComputer VisionReinf. LearningData ScienceCloudStatisticsLLMsStable DiffusionRoboticsResearchAudioSpeechVoice CloningChat botsRecsysBlockchainRLHFETLDagsterAirflowData EngineeringQuant. Finance

How to hire a MLOps experts at a fraction of the cost?

Locating and recruiting top MLOps professionals in computer vision engineering, regardless of their level of seniority, can be a demanding process that consumes time, resources, and entails unforeseen risks.

We put together a guide on How to Build a Market Leading AI Product: Strategies for Hiring Elite ML Teams.

Embark on a transformative journey to create cutting-edge computer vision products by exploring strategies to build exceptional MLOps teams in computer vision engineering. Delve into captivating insights and techniques in this teaser overview.

Uncover the secrets to hiring top-tier talent and gain a competitive edge in the dynamic computer vision landscape.

Read now to unlock the power of top MLOps teams.

Save up to 40%
on hiring
World-class talent with us

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Recuiting MLOps talent doesn't have to be complex

We will assist you in discovering the perfect candidate from our carefully vetted network of MLOps experts. All of them hold AI degrees from renowned institutions and possess valuable experience at fast-growing startups and prominent tech companies. Whether you require the recruitment of a single engineer or the formation of an entire team, we have the expertise to effectively train and manage them.

Step 1

Speak with one of our AI experts

Our experts with over 14 years applied AI experience will help work out your talent and project needs
Step 2

Get tailored talent recommendations

You choose from a short list of hand-picked professionals who we think are the best fit for you
Step 3


Selected talent starts within 48 hours with a 2 week no-risk guarantee
Hire MLOps
2 week risk-free guarantee

Why hire MLOps talent with Eventum

Time to hire
Interviewing process - time cost
Extra 40% overhead costs for vacation, benefits, taxes
Equity compensation
Scalable and on demand teams
Systematized vetting process
2 week risk-free guarantee
Flexible arrangements
Training and employee development
Expertise level

Cultural fit
Upfront recruitment costs


2 - 7 days
Up to you
Hire team from 1 - 10+ in record time
Hire freelancers, full time, part time, project or hourly based
Specialized professionals to solve specific problems/specialized to your needs
Choose candidates fit from a vast pool in days

In-house hiring

7 - 9 weeks
40+ hours per candidate
Not possible, very time consuming
Broad skillset, not used efficiently
Can be hard to gauge and be easily missed


"Eventum built and managed our ML team, models, and software from the ground up at below market rates delivering incredible results. They are an essential partner for us that I couldn’t recommend more highly."

- Jim Benedetto, CAO PLAI Labs

“Eventum helped us go from stuck to cutting edge in a matter of months, rewriting our entire ML training stack and continually supporting our R&D efforts.”

- Kevin Jacobs, VP Data Science, Deepcell

“Eventum came in and quenched our MLOps fire in quick order ensuring our ML Scientists could make rapid progress.  We then immediately hired them to help build us a generative AI audio model from scratch”

- Shawn Zhang, CTO, Founder, Sanas

Save up to 40% on hiring
World-class talent with us

Hire MLOps

2 week risk-free guarantee

Case Studies

50% model error reduction and 90% manual oversight reduction in 8 months

DeepCell ($70M Series B) is a company building micro-fluidic microscope based cell sorting tech.

- Rewrote deep learning computer vision pipeline
- Applied self-supervised representation learning, adversarial learning, recalibration, and neural network architecture design
- Dropped manual labelling requirements from millions to thousands
- Provided R&D roadmapping & mentorship of ML team

Read the Case Study on DeepCell

Reduced model training expenses by 70% in one month

Accent removal for call centres, enabling companies to match call centre operator voice to the geography of the customer. $50M raised

- Developed custom CI/CD, dramatically improving developer efficiency and decreasing chances of model regressions
- Created a cloud-agnostic solution to model training
- Decreased cloud spend by ~$30K a month
- Enabled a further 70% cost reduction in model training

Read the Case Study on Sanas


What is the no-risk trial period for Eventum engineers?


There is a 2 week trial period.  If you are unhappy, you will not pay and we will find you another match.

How does Eventum vet their talent pool/candidates?


We do big-tech style interviews for knowledge in ML theory, ML practice, Software Engineering, past ML projects, and communication style.  Interviews are very rigorous, and our acceptance rate is very low.

Do all Eventum engineers speak proficient English?


Yes, this is required of all talent

How long does it take to hire an Eventum engineer?


2-7 days

What is included in the project management service?


This varies by project, but often times clients want us to help provide technical advice on how to architect their AI system, have a part-time AI team lead to manage their team, or just provide end-to-end product development and delivery.

Can Eventum provide us with a team?


Yes!  There is no limit to the size of team we can build for you.  We are currently working with one client that wants a 20 team hire.

Can Eventum project manage teams?


Yes!  Our experienced leaders who have build AI products and lead AI teams before at big tech companies and startups that have unicorned will gladly project manage for you part time.  This is highly recommended if your leadership does not have any experience building AI systems, particularly if you are training your own models or doing R&D.

Are there any upfront recruiting costs?


No, there are no upfront recruiting costs

How do we pay for engineers?


We will invoice you after the first 2 weeks, and then monthly thereafter

How is Eventum different from other hiring platforms?


Eventum provides a risk free way to get extremely good AI talent at reasonable prices.  You take on very little risk with our money back guarantee, and you can hire only the talent that has proven themselves after a few months. We also do very rigorous interviews similar to what's done at a company like OpenAI or Google.

What kinds of engagement does Eventum provide?


We engage on a consulting bases for hourly rates.  Some of our long-term startup partners also provide a small amount of equity compensation so that our long term objectives are even more aligned.  Equity compensation is of course never required.

Save up to 40% on hiring
World-class talent with us

Hire MLOps

2 week risk-free guarantee