Our Team

We are AI engineers, product managers, team builders, and advisors
Erik Gafni
Founder, CEO

14 years of experience in applied AI. Co-founded and exited a deep learning cancer screening startup, an early employee of two AI unicorns, and a Harvard researcher. Holds two patents and 10 publications, including one in Nature.

Dmitriy Zborovskiy

8 years of experience in scaling data teams. Ex-Chief Data Officer at a foodtech unicorn, Ex-McKinsey.  Hired and managed an AI team of 200 at SberMarket which does >$1B in revenue.

Our Case Studies

0 to viral app in 4 months

Generative AI next gen social media. Plai Labs was founded by previous founders of MySpace and Jam City, Chris DeWolfe and Aber Whitcomb, receiving $33M in Seed Funding from a16z.

- We acted as interim ML team lead
- Built a team of 6 ML Engineers and 1 Product Manager from the ground up
- Launched app into the App Store in 4 months, currently going viral

50% model error reduction and 90% manual oversight reduction in 8 months

DeepCell ($70M Series B) is a company building micro-fluidic microscope based cell sorting tech.

- Rewrote deep learning computer vision pipeline
- Applied self-supervised representation learning, adversarial learning, recalibration, and neural network architecture design
- Dropped manual labelling requirements from millions to thousands
- Provided R&D roadmapping & mentorship of ML team

Reduced model training expenses by 70% in one month

Accent removal for call centres, enabling companies to match call centre operator voice to the geography of the customer. $50M raised

- Developed custom CI/CD, dramatically improving developer efficiency and decreasing chances of model regressions
- Created a cloud-agnostic solution to model training
- Decreased cloud spend by ~$30K a month
- Enabled a further 70% cost reduction in model training


"Eventum built and managed our ML team, models, and software from the ground up at below market rates delivering incredible results. They are an essential partner for us that I couldn’t recommend more highly."

- Jim Benedetto, CAO PLAI Labs

“Eventum helped us go from stuck to cutting edge in a matter of months, rewriting our entire ML training stack and continually supporting our R&D efforts.”

- Kevin Jacobs, VP Data Science, Deepcell

"Eventum came in with tremendous speed and expertise to build an MLOps platform from scratch surpassing industry standards, allowing our ML Scientists to work twice as effective. Eventum builds quickly and knows ML thoroughly — they have my highest respect."

- Shawn Zhang, CTO, Founder, Sanas

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